Monday, March 10, 2008


Just a little rant on idiotic language. It is not called feedfoward you corporate twit. It is called advice. Quit making up fake words with positive sounds to dress up everything you do.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Its gonna be a long post.

People are entertaining. Anonymous, Anon, Hacker wierdos, Hacker terrorists, Bored teenagers, protesters, people. is that enough keywords? Whatever you want to call them I find it amusing. Yes I am late to this party but maybe not. Everyone already knows whats going to happen and if you dont get your ass on youtube and check them out. If you dont feel like excersing your brain and researching this then stick around.

Anonymous is a group of like minded individuals using the internet to organize against Scientology. They have no public leader and they have no main address. They are mainly a protest group, though other attacks on scientology have been blamed on them. If you want to know more about the group then you should probobly start scouring the net. I managed to dig up the forum, and from there just about everything else including miniboards for chapters in every state and some IRC channels as well. If you want any of this info hit me up with an email or comment and I give it to you. I am not at my home computer, in fact my home PC is down.

Some people were shouting "epic win" after the last protest. I dont think so. Nothing has really changed. Scientology has done a good job of applying a little spin and then burying the story. Also with an election coming noone in America can be bothered with the worlds richest cult/corperation. unless you come on harder and stronger then a bunch of guys in masks with signs then you will not make an impression. Everyone is watching the mud fly between presidential hopefuls. If they want attention they need to be louder. It will take alot to get through to the media when there are more popular stories to air.

This is all very amusing to me.

Till next time...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Its been awhile. the world is hectic but I will be making a post tonight after the christmas party. It seems liek i have alot to say and I dont have alot of time right now.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm reading a book Devin gave to me. Thinking about the christian bible dont you ever wonder what happened in the first 30 years of Christ's life? The book takes a humourus look at the life of Christ before he became the messiah for one of the largest religions on our earth. The story is told from another point of view though. Meet the protaganist, Levi who is known as Biff, Christ's best friend. I'm going to write a better review of the book but I think its safe to say that everyone I know would love reading this title.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

oh joy oh joy. I really need to stop wandering around the internet...

I seriously cant begin to describe what I found. Just look please.

Okay then. Id like you to guage your reaction to that very educational film [/sarcasm]

I nearly fell out of my chair and I still chuckle when I think of peanut butter monsters rising against human oppression. I dont know who (or for that matter what peanut butter monster) spawned Chuck Missley but he pisses me off. Here is a man who has dedicated his life to disproving evolution. He cant go about it in a smart way, like maybe god created the laws of the universe and guided the process as he saw fit just as a chemist guides the creation of a new compound in a lab. Nope, any amount of compromise is out of the qeustion! Remember kids, the ball falls because god told it to at that exact moment and if you pray hard enough to god it will not fall. Whats even more amazing is that fools actually believe this man. I ask you, why do people believe this? are they so afraid of life that they need the invisible avenger in the sky to micromanage their existence?

Now that im depressed im going to keep watching the monkeys tell me how god is a middle manager that controls every aspect of life and how all of life is a minefield of sin.


My advancement test is coming. I don't much care about the advancement part but there is a catch. If I don't pass the test they stop paying for my college courses. No advancement=no Tuition assistance. This sucks. I really just want to get an associates degree then move on to my BA when I get out.

This all means I'm pre-occupied until after September 20. Believe me, I need to study. Theres so many things to. my test encompasses about 3000 pages of material...okay a little exxagerated but I need to know alot of the NAMP, 3 other books, 6 instructions back to front and numerous instructions that dont evn have anything to do with my rate.

Im up to about 1am nightly and I'm tired at work. I dont seem to be remembering anything either. I'm cutting back on my gaming to about twice a week as well so I have more time.

In other news life is sunny here in Hawaii, in fact its always sunny.

till the next random update.


Friday, August 10, 2007

sleep is for the weak!

I've been playing an MMO called Guild Wars lately. Its a fun game thats skill based rather then level based. The setting is a typical fantasy world full of monsters to kill and people to save/do random tasks for. What drew me in was the plot based gameplay and the robust skill system. From one adventure to the next I can completly change the way my chracter works. Theres no one right way to defeat the enemy and a keen strategy is far more important then your level. In fact the cap in this game is level 20. Compare that to WoW's 70 levels, Maple Storys 120, Everqeusts 70+, and various other games. Its very easy to pick up and play and so far I'm enjoying myself.

On the other hand right now I am trying to play with some friends of mine in the barracks. We started this game together and we were supposed to be in a static party. What has been happening has been completly different from the original idea. Im being left behind quickly. Every day while I get about 45 minutes to eat, that includes walking to and from the galley to grab something to eat, they have been playing on their 2 hour lunch breaks. Every day they get further and further from me and constantly tell me im lagging behind and I have to catch up. Now how the hell am I supposed to catch up when you provide no help and play for a significantly longer period of time?! Its frustrating but I decided to give up on catching them and to just continue playing the game at my own pace.

I havent been on the console much lately so nothing to report there. ah well. back to whatever it was I was doing before.