Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My advancement test is coming. I don't much care about the advancement part but there is a catch. If I don't pass the test they stop paying for my college courses. No advancement=no Tuition assistance. This sucks. I really just want to get an associates degree then move on to my BA when I get out.

This all means I'm pre-occupied until after September 20. Believe me, I need to study. Theres so many things to. my test encompasses about 3000 pages of material...okay a little exxagerated but I need to know alot of the NAMP, 3 other books, 6 instructions back to front and numerous instructions that dont evn have anything to do with my rate.

Im up to about 1am nightly and I'm tired at work. I dont seem to be remembering anything either. I'm cutting back on my gaming to about twice a week as well so I have more time.

In other news life is sunny here in Hawaii, in fact its always sunny.

till the next random update.


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