Friday, August 10, 2007

sleep is for the weak!

I've been playing an MMO called Guild Wars lately. Its a fun game thats skill based rather then level based. The setting is a typical fantasy world full of monsters to kill and people to save/do random tasks for. What drew me in was the plot based gameplay and the robust skill system. From one adventure to the next I can completly change the way my chracter works. Theres no one right way to defeat the enemy and a keen strategy is far more important then your level. In fact the cap in this game is level 20. Compare that to WoW's 70 levels, Maple Storys 120, Everqeusts 70+, and various other games. Its very easy to pick up and play and so far I'm enjoying myself.

On the other hand right now I am trying to play with some friends of mine in the barracks. We started this game together and we were supposed to be in a static party. What has been happening has been completly different from the original idea. Im being left behind quickly. Every day while I get about 45 minutes to eat, that includes walking to and from the galley to grab something to eat, they have been playing on their 2 hour lunch breaks. Every day they get further and further from me and constantly tell me im lagging behind and I have to catch up. Now how the hell am I supposed to catch up when you provide no help and play for a significantly longer period of time?! Its frustrating but I decided to give up on catching them and to just continue playing the game at my own pace.

I havent been on the console much lately so nothing to report there. ah well. back to whatever it was I was doing before.


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