Wednesday, August 22, 2007

oh joy oh joy. I really need to stop wandering around the internet...

I seriously cant begin to describe what I found. Just look please.

Okay then. Id like you to guage your reaction to that very educational film [/sarcasm]

I nearly fell out of my chair and I still chuckle when I think of peanut butter monsters rising against human oppression. I dont know who (or for that matter what peanut butter monster) spawned Chuck Missley but he pisses me off. Here is a man who has dedicated his life to disproving evolution. He cant go about it in a smart way, like maybe god created the laws of the universe and guided the process as he saw fit just as a chemist guides the creation of a new compound in a lab. Nope, any amount of compromise is out of the qeustion! Remember kids, the ball falls because god told it to at that exact moment and if you pray hard enough to god it will not fall. Whats even more amazing is that fools actually believe this man. I ask you, why do people believe this? are they so afraid of life that they need the invisible avenger in the sky to micromanage their existence?

Now that im depressed im going to keep watching the monkeys tell me how god is a middle manager that controls every aspect of life and how all of life is a minefield of sin.

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