Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm reading a book Devin gave to me. Thinking about the christian bible dont you ever wonder what happened in the first 30 years of Christ's life? The book takes a humourus look at the life of Christ before he became the messiah for one of the largest religions on our earth. The story is told from another point of view though. Meet the protaganist, Levi who is known as Biff, Christ's best friend. I'm going to write a better review of the book but I think its safe to say that everyone I know would love reading this title.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

oh joy oh joy. I really need to stop wandering around the internet...

I seriously cant begin to describe what I found. Just look please.

Okay then. Id like you to guage your reaction to that very educational film [/sarcasm]

I nearly fell out of my chair and I still chuckle when I think of peanut butter monsters rising against human oppression. I dont know who (or for that matter what peanut butter monster) spawned Chuck Missley but he pisses me off. Here is a man who has dedicated his life to disproving evolution. He cant go about it in a smart way, like maybe god created the laws of the universe and guided the process as he saw fit just as a chemist guides the creation of a new compound in a lab. Nope, any amount of compromise is out of the qeustion! Remember kids, the ball falls because god told it to at that exact moment and if you pray hard enough to god it will not fall. Whats even more amazing is that fools actually believe this man. I ask you, why do people believe this? are they so afraid of life that they need the invisible avenger in the sky to micromanage their existence?

Now that im depressed im going to keep watching the monkeys tell me how god is a middle manager that controls every aspect of life and how all of life is a minefield of sin.


My advancement test is coming. I don't much care about the advancement part but there is a catch. If I don't pass the test they stop paying for my college courses. No advancement=no Tuition assistance. This sucks. I really just want to get an associates degree then move on to my BA when I get out.

This all means I'm pre-occupied until after September 20. Believe me, I need to study. Theres so many things to. my test encompasses about 3000 pages of material...okay a little exxagerated but I need to know alot of the NAMP, 3 other books, 6 instructions back to front and numerous instructions that dont evn have anything to do with my rate.

Im up to about 1am nightly and I'm tired at work. I dont seem to be remembering anything either. I'm cutting back on my gaming to about twice a week as well so I have more time.

In other news life is sunny here in Hawaii, in fact its always sunny.

till the next random update.


Friday, August 10, 2007

sleep is for the weak!

I've been playing an MMO called Guild Wars lately. Its a fun game thats skill based rather then level based. The setting is a typical fantasy world full of monsters to kill and people to save/do random tasks for. What drew me in was the plot based gameplay and the robust skill system. From one adventure to the next I can completly change the way my chracter works. Theres no one right way to defeat the enemy and a keen strategy is far more important then your level. In fact the cap in this game is level 20. Compare that to WoW's 70 levels, Maple Storys 120, Everqeusts 70+, and various other games. Its very easy to pick up and play and so far I'm enjoying myself.

On the other hand right now I am trying to play with some friends of mine in the barracks. We started this game together and we were supposed to be in a static party. What has been happening has been completly different from the original idea. Im being left behind quickly. Every day while I get about 45 minutes to eat, that includes walking to and from the galley to grab something to eat, they have been playing on their 2 hour lunch breaks. Every day they get further and further from me and constantly tell me im lagging behind and I have to catch up. Now how the hell am I supposed to catch up when you provide no help and play for a significantly longer period of time?! Its frustrating but I decided to give up on catching them and to just continue playing the game at my own pace.

I havent been on the console much lately so nothing to report there. ah well. back to whatever it was I was doing before.


Thursday, August 9, 2007


HTML isnt exactly easy when you dont have alot of time to compose anything.  Im using a template for my blog and Im going to tweak it as I go.  Currently getting myself a copy of Photoshop so I can edit images to use for my titlebar and background.

Look for changes and if something looks really weird then im probobly playing with the settings at that very moment.

Harry Pothead

I saw the new Harry Potter movie...never again. Voldemort reminded me of 80's hair-metal in the last scene. He has to be one the most unimpressive villains I have seen to date on the silver screen. Hell he gave me the same impression as the Goblin King from labyrinth gave me. The goblin king pulled it off as quirky and enjoyable while Voldemort just left me on a sour note. If I can find the right screenshot ill post it later.

I Am Rant

I was feeling kind of down lately and I found some interesting stuff. Hammer Uncut is a blog site I enjoyed reading. It lead me to his other site, just click on the cute butt at the top right of the page and you will find a rant site. I never ranted before and I never even had a blog so this was completly new. Once I started writing though it just came to me. If your easily offended then go wander off somewhere else because I use language unfit for childrena nd talk about subjects that are adult. I wont do something stupid like changing the color of my text because thats just stupid and I think people who do things like that are being far to PC for their own good. Without further explanation, my first rant post unedited...

First of all everyone shut off the god damn cell phones 24/7. In the mall, the theater, the car, the train, planes and everywhere else. We have become so fucking connected to our cell phone buddies that we don’t care to speak to anyone else anymore and we cant be bothered to show any fucking courtesy either! Every day I am cut off on the roads, held up at traffic lights, and swerving to avoid pedestrians because these people are more connected with that little box then with their world. And for fucks sake, quite sending me text messages one right after the other! I hate "txting" its the most asinine way to waste money when a 5 minute phone call would sort the whole mess out and waste far less time then 30 minutes of bit sized conversations speckled with AOL jargon bullshit.
Now for assholes on wheels, the festival better known as driving. This Dick is fucking tired of being cut off by motorcyclists with a death wish, cell phone zombies, twats in ego-machines, old people, and the ever present minivan/SUV packed with one singular soccer mom Wal-martian douche. Here is a simple rule. The right lane is the go the speed limit look for your exit/turn yak with your friends and cruise along lane. The left lane is for passing or turning only where applicable. Every time I need to go somewhere there’s some moron in the left lane matching speed with his buddy in the right lane going about 5 under the limit! Get in the right lane jackass and stop holding up the regular flow of traffic. Also, accidents are accidents, keep staring at that one and you might get into one when I plow into your backside and push start you back up to the fucking speed limit! Motorcyclists; get off my tail, get out of my blind spot, quit cutting me off, stop acting like a jackass on purpose, and never pull up next to my vehicle in my lane! Then and only then we might just talk about me showing you the same courtesy I try and show everyone else on the road. Until then don’t expect me to lay down the red carpet for your sorry ass when you nearly cause me to get in an accident with you.
Mothers, if your child cries anywhere he/she is supposed to be quiet, especially right next to me, placate him/her immediately or leave! Do not look around like we are supposed to do some magical thing. DO NOT TAKE THIS OPPOURTUNITY TO TEST OUT THE IGNORE THE CHILD AND MAYBE HE WILL STOP CRYING THEORY!!! Children are a responsibility! When you decided to raise one it’s your responsibility to take care of her/him. I am not your babysitter, especially not when I am with my girlfriend for the evening and your 20 year old ass shows up and guilt trips my love into taking care of your snot nosed brat so you can have a good time cheating on your asshole of a husband whilst ruining my one night of relaxation! I don’t care if it angers my girlfriend, next week go the fuck away cause we will be mating like rabbits and I will make sure her phone is off and the doorbell broken.
The next asshole that calls me racist and "informs" me on the error of my white ancestry and how my life is supposedly handed to me on a silver platter is going to end up in a hospital somewhere. Seriously. Shut the fuck up about racism you prick. I get to deal with asshole islanders everyday that hate me based on my skin color. I get served cold food in resturants when they are having a bad day! I feel like a scapegoat for someone elses problems.
Love, you’re my sweetheart my dearest and right now I am smitten. Show some sort of motivation! Every day I ask you about how your doing you tell me the same bullshit. The “ABC” Co. didn’t call me back about the job. CALL them and don’t stop calling until they slap you with a restraining order! You don’t get work because you show no initiative. You have to want to work! I am tired of coming home to my barracks and finding out you played around with my stuff all day, and did nothing productive! Get out of my room and find something to do...NOW!
If you made it to the bottom then thank you. ninety-nine percent of the time I m a nice man. Hell I am damn near a pushover, practically a doormat. I spend my time laughing quietly and blending into groups. I love people and humanity, yet I hate what it’s becoming.

That was my rant. I omited a little bit and re-edited it to fit with how I feel now. My girfriend finally got a job, now she tells me how bored she is at that job. She actually complains about not having anything to do! At least shes out of my barracks room. I could have gotten in some serious trouble if they had found here there. NJP sucks and im not going to get any during my enlistment.

Thats all for my little rant. someday I will rant again, just not right now.