Monday, March 3, 2008


Its gonna be a long post.

People are entertaining. Anonymous, Anon, Hacker wierdos, Hacker terrorists, Bored teenagers, protesters, people. is that enough keywords? Whatever you want to call them I find it amusing. Yes I am late to this party but maybe not. Everyone already knows whats going to happen and if you dont get your ass on youtube and check them out. If you dont feel like excersing your brain and researching this then stick around.

Anonymous is a group of like minded individuals using the internet to organize against Scientology. They have no public leader and they have no main address. They are mainly a protest group, though other attacks on scientology have been blamed on them. If you want to know more about the group then you should probobly start scouring the net. I managed to dig up the forum, and from there just about everything else including miniboards for chapters in every state and some IRC channels as well. If you want any of this info hit me up with an email or comment and I give it to you. I am not at my home computer, in fact my home PC is down.

Some people were shouting "epic win" after the last protest. I dont think so. Nothing has really changed. Scientology has done a good job of applying a little spin and then burying the story. Also with an election coming noone in America can be bothered with the worlds richest cult/corperation. unless you come on harder and stronger then a bunch of guys in masks with signs then you will not make an impression. Everyone is watching the mud fly between presidential hopefuls. If they want attention they need to be louder. It will take alot to get through to the media when there are more popular stories to air.

This is all very amusing to me.

Till next time...

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